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City of Lowell > Treasurer > Paying Your Bills
Paying Your Bills

Submitting Payments to the City of Lowell

The Office of the Treasurer is happy to offer the City of Lowell's citizens and bill payers various ways to submit payment to us, by paying by phone, by paying online, or by in person at City Hall.  All amounts due are subject to change per the appropriate collection schedule.

Pay Online

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For ONLY $0.40 you can pay online using your checking account (electronic check).

Electronic checks using a checking or savings account or the following card types are accepted for online payment.

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​​Pay By Phone

You may pay your bill by phone by calling 1-877-675-1669.

For ONLY $1.35 you can pay by phone using your checking account (electronic check).​

Bill Types Accepted By Phone
  1. Real Estate
  2. Personal Property
  3. Motor Vehicle Excise
  4. Boat Excise
  5. Water
​Fees associated by phone include:
  1. Payments made by Electronic Check are subject up to an $1.35 convenience fee per transaction.​
  2. Payments made by Credit Card for any tax bill are subject to a $0.95 convenience fee in addition to a percentage rate fee of up to 2.95% with a minimum charge of $1.00 charged by the bill payer's credit card company per transaction.
  3. Payments made by Credit Card for any Water Bill are subject to a $0.95 convenience fee in addition to flat rate fee of $3.95 charged by bill payer's credit card company per transaction.

​Important Notices about paying online:
  1. Online payment is offered as a convenience to our customers.  While signing up is free, all online payments are subject to  convenience fees which are made to the online bill collector for processing the payment. 
    1. As the bill payer, if you choose to pay online, you are responsible for any convenience fees assessed by the online bill collector. 
    2. Convenience fees cover various administrative costs associated with accepting payments online and are non-refundable. 
    3. Convenience fees are NOT collected by the City nor paid to the City - the City of Lowell receives only your bill payment amount. 
    4. The amount of the fee varies according to the type of bill being paid as well as the payment method being used, and is always displayed clearly for your approval. 
      1. Convenience fees will appear as a separate charge from the bill amount on your credit card and bank statements.
      2. When paying a Tax Bill online, the convenience fee for using a Credit Card is a percentage rate fee of up to 2.95% with a minimum charge of $1.00; the convenience fee when using an Electronic Check is $.40.
      3. When paying a Water Bill online, the convenience fee for using a Credit Card is a flat rate fee of up to $3.95 (payments are accepted in transaction amounts of $200.00); the convenience fee when using an Electronic Check is $.40 (no limit on transaction amount)
    5. All payment transactions made via the bill collector's system are processed using a secure connection, and in US currency only; the merchant’s country of origin is the USA.
    6. Your use of online bill payment services with our online bill collector indicates acceptance of all applicable notices and this website's Disclaimers and Terms of Use.
    7. If you need help using online bill pay or you have a question about your account, please call (978) 674-4222 or send email to
    8. If there is an error in the Credit Card charge, please contact Invoice Cloud at (877) 256-8330 x2700.
    9. If any issue arises that prevents the payment of any bill via the online bill payment system the bill payer is still responsible to make sure the payment arrives in the Tax Collector's Office by the bill's due date.  The bill payer will receive an email notification if the payment is rejected by the online payment system. 
  2. When using Invoice Cloud to search for your Real Estate Tax Bill  online, you only need to enter your property number and street name (e.g., 12 SMITH STREET would be entered as 12 SMITH).
  3. When using Invoice Cloud to pay your Water Utility Bill online, any applicable billing discounts (e.g., early payment discount) will be displayed on the final payment screen of your transaction.
  4. Customers with two or more Water Utility Bills must register them separately when using Invoice Cloud .  You will receive separate notifications for each of these bills, and must pay them separately in order to ensure that the correct bill and account are credited prior to the due date.
  5. Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Bills are online by the time you receive your printed copy of the bill in the mail, and are online while they are available for payment using Invoice Cloud, which is sixty (60) days from the date they were issued, during which time the bill is considered "current".  Once the bill is no longer "current", it is considered "overdue" and is available for online payment through the City's Deputy Collector, Kelley & Ryan Associates through their website.

Pay in Person at City Hall

  • The Office of the Treasurer is located on the 1st floor of City Hall, and can be contacted at (978) 674-4222 or via email at
  • We are generally open to take payments Monday through Friday, between 8:00am and 5:00pm.
  • Cash, money orders, or checks are accepted when paying in person at our location.
  • Please make checks or money orders payable to the City of Lowell.

Mail Your Payment to City Hall

  • Payments are consider made when received by our office.  Postmark is not accepted.
  • Make all payments by check or money order payable to the City of Lowell.
  • Make sure to record the bill number and property address on your check or money order.
  • To request a receipt, you must submit your entire bill along with a self-addressed stamped envelope, and a written request for a receipt; failure to submit any of these items will make us unable to provide a receipt.
  • Please DO NOT MAIL CASH.
  • Payments may be mailed to:

    City of Lowell, City Hall
    Office of the Treasurer
    375 Merrimack Street
    Lowell, MA 01852-5998