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Veteran's Services Overview

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has the most comprehensive veterans’ services program of any state in the nation.  These Veterans’ Benefits are in addition to those benefits provided by the Veterans administration.  Assistance for these programs is administered locally within the City of Lowell by the Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS).
Besides providing medical and financial assistance when needed, your local DVS also provides many more benefits and entitlements, just a few of which are listed below:
  • Filing for VA disability compensation/pension​, annuities, and real estate tax abatements
  • Lost discharges
  • Domiciliary care​​​
  • Nursing home care
  • ​Alcohol and drug dependence treatment
  • Home load guarantees
  • Burial benefits, including headstones and markers
  • ​Homeless veterans services
  • Replacing military records and medals
  • Health care enrollment
  • Outpatient pharmacy services
  • Agent orange and Gulf War claims​
  • Education and training​
  • Service life insurance
  • Women veterans issues
  • Review of discharges
  • Veterans' preference in employment and housing
  • Social Security and SSI assistance​
Veterans are encouraged to file a copy of their discharge papers (DD-214), with the local Veterans office.  When filing for any veterans benefits, this document is the only proof acceptable that you are a veteran.  Surviving spouses of veterans also need this document to receive any benefits they may be entitled.  Remember, this document is the most important document that you will ever have.
The Lowell DVS is a one-stop center for veterans and their dependents.  We are committed to aid, counsel, assist and offer advice.  We pride ourselves in delivering accurate, courteous, timely service.
Please feel free to visit us at 276 Broadway St, 2nd Floor (housed at the Senior Center), or to call us directly at 978-674-4066.