Mission Statement


The Lowell Veterans Commission will exercise the Powers and perform the duties prescribed in Article X Chapter 9 Section 9.37 all as directed toward its “purpose of promoting the local needs of veterans, coordinating veteran activities through the City, and assisting the City of Lowell's Veterans Services Department in providing assistance to veterans.” and including:

  • Assisting eligible Lowell Veterans in obtaining access to benefits to which they are entitled under federal, state and local law and helping them connect with organizations, programs and resources which can help
  • Advocating for State and local legislation and programs that meet the needs and improve the lives of Local Veterans.
  • Protecting rights of Veteran contained in the US and Massachusetts Constitution and States and by ordinances adopted by the City of Lowell    
  • Working to see that Veterans seeking medical care and treatment will be welcomed by courteous and caring staff ready and equipped to address their health needs and protect their safety.
  • Recognizing the service and sacrifice of all Veterans and currently serving members of the Armed forces and to memorialize and honor those heroes who suffered illness wounds or other injury, are Missing in Action, endured captivity as POWs or made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives in defense of our county.