Parking Citation

Citation FAQ



The operator, owner or lessee of the cited vehicle must take one of the following actions WITHIN 21 CALENDAR DAYS of the issued date of the ticket. Please refer to your citation for additional details.  

What if I Don't Pay?

Before 21 Days: No additional Fee

If you pay immediately or within 21 days, you pay the original fine as stated on the citation.

After 21 Days: $5 fine

If you pay your citation after 21 days, you have to pay an additional fee of $5.

After 42 Days: $5 + $20 fine

42 days after the citation is issued, if no payment has been received, a second $5 fee will be added. Additionally, the Parking Clerk will submit the cited vehicles registration information to the Registrar of Motor vehicles and a $20 marking fee will be added. This fee will prevent you from renewing your vehicles registration as well as your Driver's License.


Pay your parking citation online via credit or debit card. To make an online payment, you will need to have your citation number and/or vehicle registration number of the vehicle cited. Pay your ticket online now.  On-line payments will take 3 to 5 business days to clear at the RMV.  


Cash payments are accepted in the treasurer's office.   RMV holds can be lifted immediately by treasurers office when payment is made in cash. Credit/Debit payments will take 3 to 5 business days to clear before hold is lifted.

To make a payment in person, please visit the City of Lowell’s Treasurer Office: (Parking fines cannot be paid at Parking office)

City of Lowell City Hall - Room 30

375 Merrimack St.

Lowell, MA 01852

Make checks payable to City of Lowell 

How do I Contest?

If you feel that you have received a parking citation in error, you should follow the directions on the back of your citation.

Appealing a citation

You have to submit an appeal within 21 days from the date the ticket was issued. All appeals should be made on-line at for fastest response.  Appeals can also be made by mail using a Paper Appeal Form. All appeals will be reviewed by the hearing officer in a timely fashion. 

The appeal must include:

  • Citation Number and or License Plate number of vehicle.
  • The name, address and contact information of the person appealing the ticket.
  • The name and address of the registered owner of the vehicle if it is not the same.
  • The reason for the appeal.
  • Any evidence, diagrams or documentation supporting the appeal.

Please submit in-person or by-mail appeals to:

Parking Appeals

Parking Department, 75 John Street, Lowell, MA 01852

Decisions made by the Municipal Hearing Officer are final. An appellant may appeal the Parking Clerk's decision as outlined by M.G.L. Chapter 30A, § 14.


But I Have a Permit

If you have a residential parking sticker or other credential and you received a parking citation, you may present your permit and the citation as evidence in your appeal for review by the Municipal Hearing Officer.   Please include a copy of your permit with your appeal.   The Parking Department office cannot dismiss any tickets. 

What if I Don't Pay?

You have 21 days to pay your citation or you can contest the citation in writing or on-line to the Lowell Parking Department by the date on your citation. If neither is done within 21 days, an additional fee of $5 will be assigned. After 42 days, if you have not paid or appealed your citation, the registered vehicle will be marked with an RMV fee of $20.00 along with restrictions on the vehicle registration and drivers license renewals.