Pay For Parking

There are multiple ways to pay for on-street parking in Lowell.

How to via Pay Station

You can use any of our 175 Pay Stations to pay via Credit Card, Coins, or Notes. Pay Stations are conveniently placed in all areas where payment is required. If you find the nearest Pay Station struggling to accept your payment, please find the next closest station to pay your metered spot. A non working Pay Station does not mean your space is free. The Pay By Phone App is always a quick and easy way to pay for parking in Lowell.

Here are some easy instructions on how to use the Pay Stations:

Pay Station Instructions 1

How to pay via Smartphone

Using the Passport Pay By Phone App is as easy as 1-2-3.
You can use your Smartphone to pay for your on-street parking in Lowell. Lowell has ONE parking zone (501). 
If you park in downtown Lowell frequently and are planning on using the Pay By Phone App to pay for your parking needs, you can create a Wallet via the Passport App.

Here are some simple instructions on how to use the Passport Pay By Phone App:

 PassportParking-Handout-5x3 without logo (1)_Page_1
PassportParking-Handout-5x3 without logo (1)_Page_2

Current Parking Rates in Lowell

Hourly rates are the same for on-street and garage parking. On-street increments are 30cent for every 12min. Monthly rates are only applicable in City of Lowell parking garages.

On-street meter fees are $1.50 for every hour of parking. 

Monthly Garage Passcard fees are as follows: (Effective July 1, 2021)
Market Rate: $96.00
Group Rate (20 or more, one check): $78.00
Residential Rate: $72.00 (Must be a resident of downtown Lowell)
Elderly/Disabled Rate: $39.75