CSO Notifications

Sign up to receive notifications of combined sewer overflows

While we work to minimize CSO’s as much as we possibly can with current funding, we understand that notification of when we discharge is important to many downstream communities and other watershed users. Sign up now to receive notification when a CSO discharge occurs. We’ll notify you within an hour of the start of a discharge and within two hours of the end. Detailed information must be reviewed by one of our analysts so that we are sure the record is complete and accurate, and so take longer to prepare: a validated report of all locations that discharged and the respective volumes will be distributed within 10 days of the instant notification. 

View our quarterly report below, and please call your legislator to request regional funding to help us and other Merrimack communities reduce CSOs more quickly!

Want to know more about how we work to reduce CSO events? Check out our High Flow Management page for a detailed review.