For large electronic/curbside pickup: contact Waste Management at 1-800-972-4545 or visit their website for large item collection here.

Best Buy and Staples accept a variety of small appliances, electronics and audio items, many of them for free. Please visit their respective websites for more information on what they accept:
Best Buy Electronics Recycling Page
Staples Electronics Recycling Page

All-American Recycling accepts almost all electronics for free, including air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Flatscreen TV's less than 42" are $15, larger than 42" is $25 and appliances vary from $5-15. They do not accept CRT TVs or CRT monitors. 
Please visit their website and give them a call for more information: (978) 772-2854

Cell phones and rechargeable batteries can be recycled at Best Buy/Staples as well. Please check the tab on the left for more information there.