COVID-19 Business Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting social distancing precautions are impacting our local economy.  We understand the stress that our businesses and workers are facing given the uncertainty of this outbreak and the disruption of our normal schedules.  The purpose of this site is to communicate important information and share business resources to enable you and your employees to stay safe and informed during these uncertain times.
 The most up-to-date information about the virus in Lowell can be found on the 
City of Lowell's COVID-19 Resource Page
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Do you need Technical Assistance?

Contact the individuals below to schedule a conference call for technical and language assistance for any program or initiative:

  • ENGLISH, please contact Christine McCall at 978-674-1432 
  • PORTUGUESE, please contact Maria Dickinson at 978-674-1435
  • SPANISH, please contact Entrepreneurship Center @ CTI 
  • KHMER, please contact Kennis Yin-Mor (CMAA) at 978-454-6200