Monument Committee

The Monument Committee was established by an amendment to the City’s Code of Ordinances that added a new Article XIII to Chapter 9 and was adopted by the Lowell City Council in May of 2019.

The purpose of the Committee is to "establish policies governing the naming or dedication of public spaces, whether they be inside public buildings or on public grounds.  the policy would include a standard application process; naming or dedication criteria; design guidelines; insurance and maintenance requirements; renaming or re-dedication requests; and associated fees.  In the event that the naming or dedication relates to park land, the Monument Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Parks."

Monument Committee members are appointed by the City Manager and the Committee "shall meet at least four times per year."

Monument Committee Guidelines

Committee Members

Stephen Stowell Chair
Richard Howe, Jr. Secretary
Camilo Espitia  Member
Heather Forsythe Member
Eric Lamarche Member
Anne Marie Page Member
Joseph Pyne     Member
VACANT Alternate
VACANT Alternate