Permits & Regulations

Construction Projects

Construction Projects

The Engineering Division works under the Department of Public Works providing support to various City departments including:

  • Planning and Development
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Development Services

The Division provides construction management and administration services for many of the City public construction projects such as the reconstruction of City streets and sidewalks. The Division also reviews plans for residential and commercial developments, verifying they are designing their projects to adhere to the most recent laws that pertain to Stormwater management. This is a small portion of the responsibilities of the Engineering Division.

Mission Statement

Our engineers strive to hold the highest safety, health, and welfare of the public in the performance of our professional duties. We aim to treat the residents and other City Departments with the utmost respect and abide by the Engineers Code of Ethics.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Engineering Division provides analytical analyses and design, develops plans and specifications, and estimates management, coordination, and construction support for the Department of Public Works. This includes the utilities, water, and sewer, as well as stormwater, drainage, and roadway design.

Project Reviews

The Engineering Division performs project reviews for both small and large projects:

  • Reviews all proposed subdivision, special permit, and site plans relative to engineering design and City standards and requirements
  • Reviews all plans that are submitted for city board approval, again relative to sound engineering design and City standards and requirements
  • Performs all necessary field investigations required for associated plan reviews and inspections for all sanitary sewer and storm drain main installation and service connections
  • Performs survey, drafting and design plus prepare contract plans and specifications for many of the public sewer, drain, sidewalk, parking lot, landscape and intersection improvement projects through-out the City
  • Performs inspection of contracted projects and clerk-of-works duties for construction activities of the approved subdivisions

Most projects are submitted to DPD Developmental Services. They manage the Planning Board process, ZBA applications, and Conservation Commission applications. Their procedures and a list of current projects under review can be found at the Development Services website.