Online Permitting

The City of Lowell currently provides online permitting for some, but not all, of the permits available from Development Services. Currently, the City is accepting online permit applications for Plumbing, Gas, Electrical, Sheet Metal, Roofing, Siding, Windows, Insulation, and Solar Permits.

Please note: we do not accept online permitting for New Construction or Remodel/Alteration permits. Please file those permit applications in person at the Development Services Office in City Hall.

First time applying online?

Contact Development Services Staff in advance via either or 978-674-4144 to ensure you are using the correct Contractor/Customer ID (CID) which is issued through the system, and is REQUIRED to submit an application correctly.

Review the important documents below!

Use the Overview/Quickstart to create your account and link your CID prior to submitting your application.

If you don't link your CID, and forget to upload documents during the application process, this will significantly slow down the application process, as you will be unable to attach any documents until you contact us for assistance with properly linking your CID to the application.

Use the Checklist to identify required Forms which must be attached/ uploaded when submitting your application.

Review the Terms/Conditions you must agree to when submitting your application.

Review the TIP on conducting a Record Search, which describes how to search for an address, and make sure to enter ALL ADDRESS INFORMATION IN UPPER CASE.

Important documents for you to review include:

BLDG (1) - Overview/Quickstart

BLDG (2) - Checklist

BLDG (3) - Forms

BLDG (4) - Terms/Conditions

TIP - Record Search

Working with Online Permits

Failing to link your CID, or upload the required documents will cause a delay in processing your application..

Once you have reviewed the instructions, you should be ready to apply for a permit online. Please click here for Online Permitting.

If you have any questions or concerns during your online permitting experience, please feel free to call the Development Services office at 978-674-4144.