Clemente Park Phase I

Address: 803 Middlesex Street
Neighborhood: Lower Highlands
Project Budget: $1,577,150
Funding Source: CPA + CDBG + ARPA
Project Scope:
Demolition of existing volleyball courts, basketball courts, skate park, healing garden, and chain-link fencing

Reconfiguration of 7 new volleyball courts and 1 basketball court

Upgrade playground to be universally accessible

Upgrade 1 basketball court

Introduction of space dedicated for outdoor programs, performances, markets, and other events

Installation of ADA-accessible pathways throughout the park

Installation of terraced seating and stepped access to the park along Middlesex Street

New site furnishings including picnic tables, benches, trash cans, bike racks, and signage

Tree Planting and Landscaping

View the Clemente Park Master Plan:

Clemente Park Master Plan:

Clemente Park Map