IFB 23-29: 2023 Road and Sidewalk Reconstruction Project

Project DescriptionReconstruction of roadway and sidewalk on the following streets: 

Carl St – from Westford St to Technology Dr

Hale St – from YMCA Dr to End

Highland Ave – from Pine St to Parker St

Sidney St – from Moore St to End

University Ave – from Riverside St to Dracut Town Line

Wachusett St – from Thirteenth St to Twelfth St


Estimated Start Date: April 2023

Estimated Completion Date: December 2023

Estimated Cost: $3,664,000.00

Contractor: P.J. Keating Company

City Contact: Engineering Office 

            Phone: 978-674-4070 

                        Email: EngineersDept@lowellma.gov

Status Updates: 

3/3/2023: Notification letter sent to abutting property owners/residents. City staff/contractor to begin utility markings and project layouts along streets later this month, weather permitting.

3/30/2023: Casting adjustments in preparation for pavement reclaim scheduled to begin the week of 4/10, weather permitting. Pavement reclaim and pavement of base course scheduled to occur over the following 3 weeks on Hale St, Highland Ave, and Carl St.

6/27/2023: Milling on University Ave was completed today from the Dracut town line to Riverside St. Casting adjustments scheduled to begin later this week, weather permitting.

Hale St and Carl St were paved last Friday, 6/23. Final line striping, tree planting, and landscape repair scheduled for July.

7/7/2023:  Paving on University Ave is scheduled for Wednesday July 12th and Thursday July 13th, weather permitting. Rain dates will be Thursday July 13th and Friday July 14th, respectively. 

Hale St and Carl St line striping started today. Crew is scheduled to return next Friday, 7/14 to finish line striping.

7/11/2023: Due to rain on Monday, paving is now scheduled for Thursday July 13th and Friday July 14th, weather permitting. Traffic Management plans with detour information for University Ave can be found below.

7/24/2023: Paving on University Ave is scheduled for Wednesday, July 26th from 4th Ave to Riverside St, weather permitting. 

Structure adjustments on Sindey St and Wachusett St are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, July 26th following by pavement reclaim starting on Thursday, July 27th.

Pavement reclaim on Highland Ave is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, July 26th. 

7/27/2023: Roadway grading and compaction on Highland Ave, Sidney St, and Wachusett St will continue next week (week of 7/30), followed by paving of binder course the following week (week of 8/6), weather permitting.

8/8/2023: Roadway grading and compaction on Wachusett St and Sidney St will be completed this week, followed by paving of binder course on both streets scheduled for Friday 8/11, weather permitting. Highland Ave grading and compaction to continue into next week, followed by paving of binder course the following week, weather permitting.

8/18/2023: Granite curb installation on Highland Ave began yesterday, 8/17 and will continue into next week (week of 8/20). Followed by curb installation on Sidney St and Wachusett St. Sidewalk grading and concrete work will begin after completion of granite curb installation.

8/25/2023: Granite curb installation on Sidney St started today, 8/25 and will continue into next week followed by curb work on Wachusett St. 

Concrete form work on Highland Ave started today, 8/25. Sidewalks on Highland Ave are scheduled to be poured starting next week, weather permitting. Driveway transitions will be repaved soon after sidewalk sections through the driveways are poured. One-way on Highland Ave (from Parker St to Pine St) will begin starting Thursday, September 14th.

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