Centralville One Way Streets

Surveys Update

The surveys are now closed, thank you for your feedback! 

Due to the overwhelming results from the residents that live and in this area and regular users if these streets, the City of Lowell has decided that 12th Street, 13th Street, May Street, June Street, and July Street will remain two-way streets

The English survey received 101 responses; the pie chart below shows the breakdown of the responses. The Spanish survey received one (1) response and it was against the conversion. The Portuguese survey received no responses.Survey Response Chart

The reasons given by the residents as to why these streets should not be converted to one-way streets include: the conversion will create confusion, 12th Street is to steep to be a one-way towards Bridge Street, residents do not see a problem with these streets as they are, the conversion will create problems with school traffic. Concerns voiced in the comments section of the surveys will be reviewed by The City.

Centralville Proposed One Way Streets

City Council requested a study of several streets in Centralville for conversion into one-way streets to increase safety. 

The proposed one way streets were:

  • 12th Street Westbound from July Street to Bridge Street
  • 13th Street Eastbound from Bridge Street to July Street
  • May Street Southbound from 13th Street to 12th Street
  • June Street Northbound from 12th Street to 13th Street
  • July Street Southbound from 13th Street to 12th Street