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Welcome to the City of Lowell. As City Manager, I want to personally invite you to explore our historic city and enjoy all we have to offer. Whether you live in Lowell, are visiting Lowell, or work in Lowell, there are is always something new to discover, which is why there truly is a lot to like about Lowell.


The Office of the City Manager is the Executive Department for the City of Lowell, responsible for the long term financial planning as well as the day-to-day activities of every department in the City, with the exception of the School Department. As the City's Chief Executive Officer, the City Manager provides leadership to and administration of all departments and services. All operational decisions and all contracts require the City Manager's approval.

The City Manager is responsible for the enforcement of all laws and City ordinances; appointment of department heads, appointment to numerous City boards, commissions, and other advisory bodies; and submission of the annual budget to the City Council. In addition, the City Manager and her staff recommend policies and programs to the City Council and implement Council decisions.

The City Manager's staff includes the Assistant City Manager and Chief Financial Officer.
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    Fall 2018 Roadway Project with Sunshine Paving

    The City of Lowell recently awarded a contract to Sunshine Paving, Inc. for the amount of $1,900,000 for roadway improvements and sidewalk work throughout the City. Read on...
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    Who do I contact if I see a problem with...?

    Do you wonder who you need to contact in order to get something done? Please refer to this diagram for contacts with common problems and complaints from around the City. Read on...
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