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Training materials

This site contains training material originating from a variety of sources including the U.S. Government, the Commonwealth, the City, and training material licensed to the City which employees may benefit from. All trademarks and copyrights are reserved accordingly, and any material may be disabled without notice. The information presented on these pages originates from a variety of sources, and while every reasonable attempt is made to ensure that the content is accurate, no guarantees are made.

Web Browser Compatibility & the Use of Pop-Up Blockers Within the LMS Website

All of the training material available via the LMS has been tested to work with the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. Though the material may work with other web browsers, certain features may be unavailable. Note that this may vary from course to course (e.g., courses requiring Adobe Flash may not work on Apple devices, etc).

Website Pop-Up Blockers Must Be Disabled in Order to Properly Utilize Most Training Resources.

General Navigation Within the LMS Website

This system makes use of "breadcrumbs" displayed in the upper left hand corner of the screen, which always start with "Home." You can always click on the Home link to get back to the Welcome page.

You may also click the button at the bottom center of the screen (just below your logged in name) to get back to the main course overview page for the course you are in.

Using Audio & Video Within the LMS Website

Most courses are delivered with audio content, and when available, audio transcripts are included.

  • Please make sure to adjust your PC's audio level to a comfortable level, and do your best to avoid disrupting others around you.
  • If available, we recommend the use of headphones to avoid disturbing colleagues and to minimize distractions during training.
  • Headsets for PCs and laptops typically use a standard audio connection (a 3.5mm audio/stereo jack plug which is compatible with most MP3 players and iPhones), so you can probably use your personal headphones or ear buds if you prefer. You should be able to plug your headphones into the headset or stereo connector in the front/back of your PC (which is typically a green plug).
Many courses include video content.

  • You may need to adjust your monitor's video settings in order to properly work with some of the video content.
  • If necessary, set your Desktop Display settings to their lowest/default setting.
  • When watching YouTube-based videos, you may choose to enable the full screen mode by clicking on the full-screen icon in the lower right hand corner of the video screen (remember to press ESC to exit full screen when you are done).