Hazardous Waste Day

 - Dates -

There are two Household Hazardous Waste Days provided by the City of Lowell in 2022

 Saturday June 3rd 8a-12n (Sign ups start in May)
 Saturday September 30th 8a-12n (Sign ups start the last week of August)
 LIMIT 120 visitors... one car per family/household/address.
 Sign up for event located at Lowellrecycle.org. (SW&R landing page)
 ----Must be pre-registered to attend event----

  Lowell Residents can attend any of these reciprocal events listed below: (waiting on 2023 update from DEP)

-Event Sign-up-

To sign up for this event please visit the events page which can be accessed through this link:  SW&R Events | Lowell, MA (lowellma.gov)  You can then click on the 'HHW Drop-off' tab and answer the prompts to sign up. 

- Event Description -

Household hazardous waste day events are opportunities for residents to remove household hazardous waste from their home and prevent this waste from going in the trash - which is illegal.

- Fee Schedule -

  • Household Chemicals $2 / lb or gal               ---Non-Residents $3 /lb or gal
  • Automotive Fluids $2 / lb or gal                      ---Non-Residents $3 /lb or gal
  • Paints $2 / gal                                                ---Non-Residents $3 /lb or gal


To receive notifications of alternative event / day please download our free smartphone App, called "LowellRecycle." Enter your address and you will receive Updates/Alerts when made available. 

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