Polling Locations

Where Do I Vote?

Polling locations are organized by ward. Along with the information on this page, you can also easily look up your assigned polling location online.

Polling locations are open from 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. during all Elections.

Please contact the Election and Census Commission at 978-674-4046 if you have specific comments, questions, or concerns regarding any of the material contained herein.

Find A Ride

Many candidates provide rides to their supporters on election day. Please contact the candidate of your choice to make arrangements as appropriate, and if available.
  1. Ward One Polling Locations
  2. Ward Two Polling Locations
  3. Ward Three Polling Locations
  4. Ward Four Polling Locations
  5. Ward Five Polling Locations
  6. Ward Six Polling Locations
  7. Ward Seven Polling Locations
  8. Ward Eight Polling Locations
  9. Ward Nine Polling Locations
  10. Ward Ten Polling Locations
  11. Ward Eleven Polling Locations

Ward One (1)

Precinct Location Address with Google Map Link
Precinct 1
Immaculate Conception Church
144 East Merrimack Street
Precinct 2
Reilly School
115 Douglas Road
Precinct 3
Reilly School
115 Douglas Road