Tobacco Control

The Lowell Tobacco Control Program is a two-city tobacco control collaborative that also includes the City of Lawrence. This successful partnership has been in place since 2011, with the mission to develop, promote, implement, and enforce policies designed to reduce youth access to tobacco products and to reduce public exposure to secondhand smoke in the cities of Lowell and Lawrence. 


  • Tobacco Permitting: To apply for a Tobacco Permit, please call the Lowell Health Department at 978-674-1073
  • Compliance Checks: These are inspections where a minor, working undercover, attempts to purchase tobacco products at retail stores. It’s an effective way to determine retailers’ overall rate of compliance with current tobacco regulations.
  • Complaint Investigations: The program investigates reports of smoking, illegal sales of tobacco products to minors, and other alleged violations of the tobacco regulations.
  • Retail Inspections: The program conducts several retailer inspections throughout the year. In addition to ensuring that establishments are in compliance with the tobacco regulations, inspections are great opportunities to educate retailers about specific requirements and prevent violations.
  • Health Education: Lowell Health Department staff can provide education on the effects of Tobacco products and Vaping.

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