Voter Information

  1. Absentee Voting

    Information on the limits and availability of absentee ballots.

  2. Ballot Information

    The Office of the Secretary of State office mails one copy of ballot question summaries to each voting household within the Commonwealth.

  3. Bulk Voter Forms

    Information on how to request voter registration forms in bulk.

  4. Early Voting Locations for Presidential Election

    For the first time this fall, the City of Lowell will be allowing voters to cast their ballots prior to Election Day with the option to cast their ballot at an early voting location, by mail, or at your polling location on Election Day.

  5. Election Timetable

    Find information on when and how often elections are held.

  6. Find Candidate Information

    Discover where you can find reliable information on candidates.

  7. Polling Locations

    Find your polling location for elections.

  8. Voter Eligibility & Registration

    Find information on who is eligible to vote and how to register to vote.

  9. Voting Process

    Find out how to vote, where to vote and information regarding Massachusetts voting laws.