Ballot Information

Ballot Summaries

The Office of the Secretary of State office mails one copy of ballot question summaries to each voting household within the Commonwealth. This summary contains material on questions that the public will be voting on along with "pro" ("for) and "con" ("against") arguments for each question.

Finding Additional Ballot Information

Political organizations, especially those formed to promote or oppose a particular question, are also good sources. You may also want to consult newspapers, radio, television, and other media outlets for coverage of campaigns around ballot questions.

The City of Lowell also sends out information about questions appearing on municipal election ballots.

If you have additional comments, questions, or concerns, regarding the information on ballot questions, please contact the Election and Census Commission at 978-674-1200 for assistance.

Sample Ballots

The Elections & Census Department provides sample ballots o help familiarize you with the process. Click the links below to view sample ballots for the 2020 State Election.

16th Middlesex District 2020 State Election
17th Middlesex District 2020 State Election
18th Middlesex District 2020 State Election 

Click here
 to view a archive of sample ballots from past elections.