Parking & Garages

The role of the City of Lowell Parking Department is to provide and maintain accessible, convenient, and appealing public parking both on-street and within our municipal lots and facilities.  The programs administered by the Parking Department support the parking needs of local businesses and institutions by promoting affordable, short-term parking services, along with fair and consistent enforcement.  As a complement to the short-term, on-street parking available there are five municipal parking facilities located within the downtown, accessible 24/7.  Outside the central and neighborhood business districts the department administers programs within residential areas that resolve parking problems and conflicts, implementing on-street parking programs that relieve residents and visitors from parking regulations directed at the non-resident.  The Parking Department makes use of enterprise fund accounting, which clearly illustrates the total cost of providing the service and allows the department to recover its costs through user fees.  The City of Lowell Parking Department remains self-supporting without the need of subsidy by tax dollars.