Open Meeting Laws

Open Meeting Law (Public Meetings)

Effective July 1, 2010, responsibility for the state-wide enforcement of the Open Meeting Laws, relative to local, county, regional, and state public bodies has been centralized in the office of the Attorney General.

The Open Meeting Law supports the principle that the democratic process depends on the public having knowledge about the considerations underlying governmental action. The Open Meeting Law requires that most meetings of governmental bodies to be held in public.


There are some exceptions, which are designed to ensure that, public officials are not "unduly hampered" by having every discussion among public officials open to the public. As a result, the Open Meeting Law provides for particular circumstances under which a meeting may be held in executive, or closed, session.

Steps to Support Requirements

The City of Lowell has taken the following steps in support of the Open Meeting Law:

  • The City has implemented a Learning Management System (LMS) which every public official who is a member of a public body engaged in public meetings is required to log into so that they may:
    1. Review the training presentation recorded by the Attorney General's Division of Open Government in order to understand the Open Meeting Law
    2. Sign off on an electronic certificate of completion