Planning & Development

The Department of Planning and Development staff considers it an honor to serve the City of Lowell, a city with a great American past and a bright future. We are working continuously with the help of the public, City Hall, the private sector, and other partners, to create a “lifetime city” for people of various backgrounds to live and work in. 

Through Community Development, Developmental Services, Economic Development, Housing and Energy, Lead Paint Abatement, Traffic and Transportation, and our various Planning Projects and other Department Services and financial assistance programs, we hope to plan and develop a city that will bring pride to Lowellians.

We are committed to preserving and enhancing the quality of community life, as well as natural and built environments in Lowell through the evaluation of land-development and use proposals for adherence to the goals and objectives of the City's Master Plan and Zoning Code.

If you would like more information about Building or Health Permitting, Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board, or Conservation Commission Permitting, please follow this link for Development Services Permitting Information.

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