Welcome to the Lowell Historic Board!

The Lowell Historic Board (LHB) is the City of Lowell's historic preservation agency.  Created by the Massachusetts Legislature in 1983, the LHB is charged with the preservation, protection, and enhancement of Lowell's historic resources. 

Central to the LHB's responsibilities is its design review, permitting, and enforcement authority in 11 review districts.  Since the creation of the Downtown Lowell Historic District in 1983, nearly 2,400 permits have been issued and investment of nearly $1 billion has occurred in it.
In 1999, a second review district, the Acre Neighborhood District, was created to assist in the implementation of the Acre Neighborhood Revitalization & Development Plan.  Eight additional neighborhood districts were created in 2005 and one in 2011 for purposes of review and approval of demolition and new construction projects.

In addition to its design review, permitting, and enforcement responsibilities, the LHB also:
  • Maintains a comprehensive architectural and historic resource survey of Lowell which contains information on over 2,500 resources including inventory forms and National Register of Historic Places registrations.
  • Provides citywide technical assistance to property owners, agencies, and the general public relevant to historic preservation, design, history, signage, building materials, and other related topics and issues.
  • Works with property owners, agencies, and the general public citywide to incorporate preservation into everyday planning and community development efforts.
  • Serves as the local entity representing the Massachusetts Historical Commission and the Advisory Council for Historic Preservation, assisting in reviewing federal and state assisted City projects for their impacts on historic resources.
  • Runs an active community engagement and outreach program including:
    • Electronic, quarterly newsletter "Presence From the Past"
    • Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
    • Sign grant program for small businesses in the Downtown Lowell Historic District
    • Downtown Lowell Historic District building markers
    • Neighborhood historic district house markers 
    • The annual Doors Open Lowell event which was the first such event in the United States when it debuted in 2002