Wastewater Utility Maintenance & Safety

Duck Island Wastewater Treatment Facility Maintenance

The Maintenance Division at LRWWU works to maintain and improve both the Duck Island Treatment Facility, as well as the City of Lowell's sewerage and drainage collection systems. Maintenance of the 24-hour WWTF includes the repair of pumps, piping, buildings, landscaping, electrical infrastructure, and many other pieces of industrial equipment and structures that are crucial to Duck Island's wastewater treatment process.

The Maintenance Division is also responsible for the upkeep and continued operation of the collection systems, which comprise over 250 miles of sewerage and drainage piping and include nine diversion stations and thirteen pump stations that are located throughout the city. The maintenance division addresses sewer and drainage backups, and a dedicated camera crew within the division inspects the many miles of pipes that make up the collection system.

Safety Program

LRWWU has developed and implemented a robust safety program, featuring periodic classroom and hands-on training sessions that provide more than fifteen hours per year of targeted training for most LRWWU employees. Three important safety programs have been initiated in recent years: Lock-Out/Tag-Out of Energized Equipment, Restricted Space Entry, and Hazardous Material Spill Response.

These programs, which address the major hazards associated with LRWWU's facilities, are enhanced with recurring training sessions that reinforce the proper procedures for handling spills, working with energized equipment, and entering hazardous spaces. LRWWU's safety program also provides training in the following areas: first aid and CPR, right-to-know hazard communication, personal protective equipment, and slips and falls.