Water Utility


    • 5/23/22-5/27/22:  Perry St. to Nesmith St. - Merrimack River to Knapp Ave.
    • 5/30/22-6/3/22:  Nesmith St. to Wentworth St. - Merrimack River to Rogers St.
    • 6/6/22-6/10/22:   Boylston St. to Wentworth Ave.  -Rogers St. to Bishop St. 
    • 6/13/22-6/17/22:  Wentworth Ave. to Luce St.  -Merrimack River to Rogers St.
    • 6/20/22-6/24/22: Luce St. to Clark Rd. -Merrimack River to Rogers St.
    • 6/27/22-7/1/22:  Clark Rd. to Tewksbury line - Merrimack River to Country Club Dr.

 If you have any questions regarding our flushing program, please contact Lowell Regional Water at     978-674-4242 or click here to see residential notice.

We appreciate your cooperation as we work to improve water quality and distribution reliability for the City of Lowell. 

Lowell Cross-Connection Control Program (LCCCP):

LCCCP exists to satisfy Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection regulations, which state that each municipality must ensure protection of cross-connections along the potable distribution system where backflow poses a health hazard.  For information regarding citywide Cross-Connection Survey click here  or  Contact LCCP by e-mail backflow@lowellma.gov or telephone 978-674-4244.


The mission of the Lowell Regional Water Utility is to provide a sufficient supply of safe, potable water to the citizens and businesses of the City of Lowell and surrounding communities in order to ensure their health and safety in a cost effective manner, to ensure the highest water quality and purify some 4.7 billion gallons of water to over 135,000 customers while meeting all state and federal water quality compliance obligations. The personnel of the LRWU are DEP certified and consistently monitor daily water production, repair and maintain 215 miles of water main, 2,300 fire hydrants and approximately 26,000 water service connections.    

Lowell Regional Water purifies more than 4.6 billion gallons (4,633,279,000) of drinking water delivering to approximately 135,000 residents and businesses in the communities of Lowell, Dracut, Tyngsboro, and Chelmsford.


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Water and Sewer Rates

Water Rates
Rates per Unit = 100 cubic feet (HCF) =748 gallons.

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
(over 500)
ElderlyBased on usage1.0962.1912.5882.6882.688
Irrigation Based on usage2.1912.5882.6292.6683.650
Usage < 14 hundred cubic feet is billed at the minimum of 14 HCF

Wastewater Rates
Rates per Unit = 100 cubic feet (HCF) =748 gallons. Sewer usage is based on water usage. 

Minimum (0-14)Tier 1 (14-50)Tier 2
Tier 3 (101-200)Tier 4 (201-500)Tier 5 (over 500)
ElderlyBased on usage4.8455.1155.1955.2825.360
Usage < 14 hundred cubic feet is billed at the minimum of 14 HCF