Green Letter of Recognition

Nomination Process


Applications or Nominations (PDF) are being sought by the City of Lowell Green Building Commission (GBC) for the annual Green Letter of Recognition Award. Applications (PDF) are due by close of business, Monday March 28, 2016.


A letter of recognition may be given to specific projects, organizations and individuals which the Green Building Commission feels should be recognized but do not meet the full criteria of the Green Building Excellence Award.

The criteria of for a letter of recognition are:
  1. The project, organization or individual contributes to the City of Lowell's sustainability objectives.
  2. Supports the objectives of the City's Master Plan
    • Has renewable energy
    • Improving build efficiency
    • Improving green space
    • Reducing environmental impact
    • Sourcing locally to make Lowell a sustainable city
    • With emphasis on reducing the carbon footprint of the City
Rock Rain Garden at Lowell High School
People planning to make nominations may want to look at the City's Master Plan.

Award Process

The GBC will review all applications and make the final decision.