Zoning Violations

Please call Development Services at 978-674-4144. We will investigate your concern and take appropriate action as necessary.

Building Commissioner's Role

The Building Commissioner is responsible for the enforcement, administration, and interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance. If the Building Commissioner believes that any provision of the ordinance is being violated, an investigation will take place, and a violation notice will be sent if applicable.

If a property owner does not correct a violation, then the Building Commissioner will take additional action. The Building Commissioner may delegate this function to other members of Development Services. The decision of the Building Commissioner may be appealed to the Zoning Board of Appeals.


Anyone who violates a provision of the Zoning Ordinance, or of any condition of a Variance, a Special Permit, or a Special Permit with site plan review, shall be punishable by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars ($300) for each offense. Each day during which any portion of a violation continues shall constitute a separate offense.


Comments, questions, or concerns related to zoning violations should be directed to the City Development Services Office at 978-674-4144, where every attempt to return your call in a timely manner will be made as appropriate - please note, however, that due to the volume of calls received, there may be delays in responding.