​Business Assistance

Whether you are planning on starting, expanding, or relocating your business within the City of Lowell, our friendly and professional staff is willing to assist you.

Services & Programs

The following are some of our services and financial assistance programs available for you and your business.
  • Site Finder Service - Our staff can help you find the right space in Lowell where your business can thrive and grow using our database of available commercial and industrial properties in Lowell, which we update on a regular basis.
  • Business Licensing and Permitting Assistance- Over the past twenty years, the City of Lowell has continually engaged in a strategy of "turning stumbling blocks into building blocks." As an integral part of this strategy, we are proud to present you with the Guide for Businesses: Permitting and Licensing, which will introduce you to the people, the permits, and the process that you will need to start or expand your business within Lowell.
  •  Tax Incentives and Loan Programs - The City of Lowell, along with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, have an array of financial incentives that make Lowell a prime place to conduct business including tax incentives, loan programs and technical assistance programs.
  • Workforce Development - The City of Lowell is fortunate to have a number of schools and organizations that have aggressively developed programs to meet the technology needs to the 21st Century workforce.
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