Open Space Plan

Open Space and Recreation Plan



Open Space and Recreation Plans are a five year action plan that allows the City to maintain and enhance all of the open space and recreation activities for our residents. Thoughtful planning and active stewardship of our open spaces, plant and animal habitats, neighborhood parks, and outdoor recreation facilities are a large part of our community landscape.

DPD has hosted a series of public meetings, attended neighborhood meetings, events, and hosted focus group style meetings to hear directly from residents about how our open spaces and recreation programs are used and how they could be improved.

To increase transparency, DPD staff has created reports that detail all the ideas shared during this planning process. We invite members of the public to review all our reports and catch up on our planning work to date:

​• Kickoff meeting report

Neighborhood meetings report

​• 2nd public meeting report

Focus Group report

3rd public meeting report

If the City’s OSRP is approved locally and by the State, Lowell becomes eligible to apply for grant programs administered by the Commonwealth’s Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Division of Conservation Services.​

​Feel free to email us at with your questions, comments, or concerns.