Agenda 80 Percent
        January 23, 2024

Time:        6:30 PM
Location: City Council Chamber, 375 Merrimack Street, 2nd Floor, Lowell, MA/Zoom (Hybrid)






Communication Remote / Zoom Participation:

Meetings Will Be Held In Council Chamber With Public Welcome And By Using Remote Participation As Follows:  Members Of The Public May View The Meeting Via LTC.Org (On-Line; Live Streaming; Or Local Cable Channel 6).  Those Wishing To Speak Regarding A Specific Agenda Item Shall Register To Speak In Advance Of The Meeting By Sending Email To City Clerk Indicating The Agenda Item And A Phone Number To Call So That You May Be Issued Zoom Link To The Meeting.  Email Address Is MGEARY@LOWELLMA.GOV.  If No Access To Email You May Contact City Clerk At 978-674-4161.  All Request Must Be Done Before 4:00 PM On The Day Of Meeting.  For Zoom - HTTPS://SUPPORT.ZOOM.US/HC/EN-US/ARTICLES/201362193-JOINING-A-MEETING




Minutes of City Council Meeting January 16th, for acceptance.




C. Robinson - Req. Mayor create an ad hoc subcommittee to explore possible uses for vacant Superior Court House.


C. Robinson - Req. City Council explore obtaining outside legal counsel on retainer.


C. Robinson - Req. City Mgr. have City Solicitor provide a report on elected officials requirements to accept employment as well as are there any “cooling off periods” required.


C. Robinson - Req. City Mgr. have the proper department provide an update on hole in sidewalk and plate in front of Purple Carrot on Merrimack Street.


C. Robinson - Req. City Mgr. work with the proper department to explore if utilizing snow blower attachments and loading trucks in dense neighborhoods would be beneficial for winter operations.


C. Gitschier/C. Robinson - Req. City Mgr. reach out to the Lowell Youth Baseball and Softball League to plan an opening day parade in downtown.


C. Gitschier - Req. City Mgr. update the City Council on the free cash certification.


C. Gitschier - Req. City Mgr. update the City Council on the status of the Parking Enterprise Fund.


C. Gitschier - Req. City Mgr. provide the City Council with an update on the Maintenance plan for the Ouellette Bridge (Aiken Street) deck surface.


C. Gitschier - Req. refiling of motions:

C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Look Into Adding A Left Arrow To The Existing Signal Located At Chelmsford Street And Industrial Avenue Heading West On Chelmsford Street Towards Chelmsford.


C. Robinson/ C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Work With Proper Department To Consider Adoption Of Boston’s “Scofflaw Property Owner List” Ordinance.


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Update The City Council On Any Heating Issues In School Buildings And/Or Municipal Buildings With An Expected Timeframe For Repairs.


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Updated The City Council On The City-Wide Sidewalk Index Rating Study.


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Update City Council On The Water Bottle Fill Stations At The Reilly School.


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Have The Engineering Department Update The City Website With The Current Road Surface Rating (RSR) For All Accepted Streets.


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Provide A Report On The Number Of Plowing Contractors Hired For The Upcoming Season.


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Have The Proper Department Repair Or Replace The Section Of Sidewalk On Stevens Street From Albert Street To Chelmsford Street.


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Have The Proper Department Paint The Parking Lines In The Parking Lot Behind The Daley School. 


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Provide The City Council With An Outline On The Maintenance Plan For The New Overpass Landscaping. 


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Update The City Council On An Engineering Study Rating All Sidewalks Within The City. 


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Have The Proper Department Update Engineering Website To List The Most Recent Paving Conditions Index And The 2023 List Of Paving Projects Listed By Streets And Sidewalks.


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Have The Proper Department Report On The Geese Situation And What Is Being Done To Combat The Issue On Playing Fields Throughout The City; Such As Edwards Field Hadley Field, Etc.


C. Gitschier Req. The City Mgr. Update The Council On The Restoration Of The Restrooms In City Hall. 


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Advertise And Appoint A Citizens Tree Committee Made Up Of One Member From Each Of The Eight City Council Districts And Also Focus On Hiring Someone In Charge Of Green Space With A Certification As A Massachusetts Certified Arborist.


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Provide An Update On Implementation Of The 311 System. 


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Update The City Council On The Wi-Fi At The Senior Center. 


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Have Human Resources Report On How The Cyber Issue Is Affecting The Hiring Process. 


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Examine Reorganization Of Our DPW Garage Structure For Efficiency And Cost Savings Potential. 


C. Gitschier/ C. Jenness Req. City Mgr. Have The HR Department Present Before The Auditor/Clerk Oversight And Personnel SC Generalized Trends And Themes Gathered From Exit Interviews Of Former employees Conducted Since October 2022; Said Presentation To Include The City’s Employment Recruitment And Retention Strategy Base On General Exit Interview Findings.


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Work With Law Department To Provide The City Council With A Report On Costs Incurred By The City Through Court Judgements And Settlements; Include Break Down By Department Associated With Settlements. 

C. Scott/C. Gitschier Req. Mayor Request Our State Delegation File Legislation That Would Bring Into Question The Dover Amendment (M,G.L. Ch. 40A, Section 3), That Was Originally Adopted In 1950.


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Report On Which Department Is Responsible For Identifying Damage Caused By Equipment Contractor After The Winter Season Is Over.


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Have The Proper Department Provide A Legal Opinion On Who Can Waive Fees, Etc. Set By The City Council Under The Schedule Of Fees.


C. Drinkwater/C. Robinson/C.Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Have The Law Department Draft An Ordinance Requiring That All Contractors And Subcontractors Working On City Construction Projects Valued At Over $1 Million Employ Apprentices Registered In A Bona Fide Apprentice Training Program, And Establishing Minimum Apprentice Ratios.


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Provide The City Council With A Legal Opinion As To Why The City And Not The School Department Is Financially Responsible For School Department Law Suits.


C. GitschierC.Scott/ C. Jenness Req. City Mgr. Provide The City Council With A Report On The Number Of Violations Written For Fireworks And What Plans Are Being Taken To Stop The Use Of Illegal Firework Usage.


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Have The Proper Department Provide The City Council With A Report On The Number Of “Reserved Parking Space For Residents Of Dwelling Only” Signs That Are Located At Multi-Family Homes, Along With Their Locations, That Are Not Owner Occupied.


C. Nuon/C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Report On The Rourke Bridge And Timeline To Completion. 


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Advertise And Appoint A Citizens Tree Committee Made Up Of One Member From Each Of The Eight City Council Districts And Also Focus On Hiring Someone In Charge Of Green Space With A Certification As A Massachusetts Certified Arborist.


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Work With The School Administration On Drawing Districts To Include Equitability And Diversification In Order To Provide Neighborhood Schooling.


C. Gitschier Req. City Mgr. Update The City Council On The Plans For Maintenance Workers At Lowell High School. 


C. Gitschier - Req. City Mgr. Provide The City Council With An Update On The Conditions Of The Pawtucket Memorial School. 


C. Gitschier - Req. City Mgr. Look At Re-Evaluating The 9 Million Dollars In ARPA Neighborhood Improvement Funds And Invest Those Funds In School HVAC Systems. 



C. Mercier - Req. City Mgr. open up communication with the owners of the railroad bridge to restore the Spaghettiville Bridge sign on Gorham Street, a landmark in the City of Lowell.


C. Scott - Req, Auditor/Clerk Oversight Personnel SC meet to discuss shared goals planning and an updated evaluation tool for employees under the Council purview.


C. Scott - Req. City Mgr. include a link to unanswered motions on the weekly agenda and a quarterly report with updates on all unanswered motions.


C. Scott - Req. City Mgr. provide a report that includes all costs to date associated with the cyber-attack, any deficiencies we still have from it, and what needs to still happen to modernize cyber security and ensure the City is protected from potential cyber attacks and/or data breaches from ever happening again.


C. Scott - Req. refiling of motions:

C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Provide A Report Detailing Necessary Steps to Move Forward with The Election of a Mayor by The Residents.

C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Provide the Legal Requirements for Succession When Filling a Vacant Elected Office.

C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Have Appropriate Department Prepare a Plan For Street Sweeping That Includes Short Term Removal Of Vehicles And Enforcement of The Policy, for Streets to be Properly Cleaned.

C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Have All Open Work Order Reports Shared with The Municipal Facilities SC.

C. Scott/C. Gitschier- (Re-File) Req. Mayor Request Our State Delegation File Legislation That Would Bring into Question the Dover Amendment (M, G.L. Ch. 40A, Section 3), That Was Originally Adopted In 1950.

C. Scott/C. Robinson/C. Gitschier- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Invite the Lowell Delegation to A Council Meeting to Discuss and Update Us on Important State Issues Affecting the City.

C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Have The Appropriate Department Provide an Update on Installing Flashing Crosswalk Lights at The Ducharme Playground as Required in The Home Depot Distribution Center Approval.

C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Work with DPD To Develop a Plan for Implementation of an ADA Compliant Canoe and Kayak Launch at Muldoon Park.

C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Have The Appropriate Department Look At Feasibility Of Installing Additional Crosswalks on Gorham, Central, Woburn and Chelmsford Streets.

C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Have Proper Department Evaluate Chase, Maple, Keene, Christman, Suttle and Watson Streets to Add To The Paving or The Crack Sealing List If Deemed.

C. Jenness/ C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Investigate Improvements to the Lighting At The Linden St. Car Condo.

C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Provide A Report on the Current HVAC Conditions Across Our Municipal Buildings and Plans for Repair.

C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Have The Appropriate Department Work toHave Street Lights Installed on Adie Way.

C. Leahy/C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Have Proper Department Provide a Status Report Regarding “Double” Poles in South Lowell And Throughout The City.

C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Provide A Report on When the Internet Will Be Restored to the Senior Center.

C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Have The Traffic Engineer Explore the Feasibility of Incorporating Stop Signs. On Streets That Intersect with Lowell Street, A Stop Sign at The End of Denton Street and Speed Humps And/or Chicanes on Billerica and Hollis Streets.

C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Have The Appropriate Department Work to Develop a Master Plan Around Parking for Back Central; Including Looking at Public Owned Lots and Possible Tax Incentives for Private Property Owners That Provide Parking Spaces.

C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Provide A Report on The Current Use of Portable Cameras and The Feasibility of Purchasing Additional Units to Monitor Illegal Dumping Hotspots.

C. Scott- (Re-File) Req. City Mgr. Have The Appropriate Department Provide an Update on The Current Status of The Vacant Property At 48 Kinsman Street and Other Similar Properties That Have Fallen into Disrepair and Any Improvements That Can be Made to The Process.


C. Scott/C. Chau - Req. City Mgr. have a representative from the Commonwealth Care Alliance appear at a meeting as soon as possible to update the City Council on the acclimation plans for the Asylum Seekers


C. Descoteaux - Req. City Mgr. provide an update on status of phased construction on 4 vacant lots in the Hamilton Canal Innovation District pursuant to an agreement with Lupoli Companies, LLC.


C. Descoteaux - Req. City Mgr. request LRTA give an update on the current volume of bus only usage and expected usage.


C. Nuon - Req. City Mgr. Have LPD And LFD Host A Community Workshop Regarding Job Opportunities In Each Department As Well As Outlining Application Process For Those Jobs.


C. Nuon - Req. City Mgr. Have LPD Provide An Update On Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) In Cruisers.


C. Nuon - Req. City Mgr. Provide An Update Regarding Staffing At The Police Precincts In The City, Particularly During Nights And Weekends.


C. Nuon - Req. Public Safety SC Have Discussion With Lowell Police Department Regarding Current Crime Statistics In The City.


C. Leahy - Req. City Mgr. work with DPW to come up with a contract for patch repairs on the streets throughout the City.




Motion Responses

A) Motion Response - Smyth Cannabis
B) Motion Response - North Common and Clemente Park
C) Motion Response - LHA Invite
D) Motion Response - Report on Censure Process
E) Motion Response - Fill Vacant Council Position


Informational Reports

Informational Report - Update on Merrimack River From LFD and WWTP
Informational Report - MSBA Advocacy Letter


Communication - Appointments to Various Boards and Commissions


Communication - Reappointments to Various Boards and Commissions


Communication - Resignations from Various Boards and Commissions




Vote - Approve Exemption of Lynda Clark MGL c.268A s.20


Vote - Transfer 15,000 - DPD




Order - 60 Day Trial




Ordinance - Amend Chapter 9 by Creating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee


Ordinance - Quarterly Traffic - January 2024






Claim - (1) Property Damage.





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