ARPA Grant Opportunities Page

Welcome to the ARPA Grant Opportunities Page!!  This page will provide an updated list of the ARPA funded grants that are available, within the City of Lowell.  As recovery initiatives continue to evolve, additional grant funding opportunities may be created to address these changing priorities.  As new grant programs and applications developed, they will be added to this page.  Please revisit this site periodically for new grant opportunities and updates. 

ARPA funded grants will be targeted for delivering results that are both; eligible under the US Treasury's ARPA spending criteria, and correspond to the City's ARPA Recovery Plan.  The ARPA Grant Funding Overview  (below) which provides a summary of the City's grant program, the areas of eligibility and focus areas for spending, and information about the application process.  Please be sure to review this summary if you intent to apply for one of Lowell's ARPA funded grants.

ARPA Grant Funding Overview (also available in: SpanishPortuguese, & Khmer)

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Open ARPA Grant Programs

Economic Resilience Grant Program - CLOSED
  • The Economic Resilience Grant is an ARPA funded program for businesses in Lowell that have a vision for their future and are seeking financial support to make it happen. This grant application window is now closed.
Storefront Improvement Program - CLOSED
  • The Storefront Improvement Grant is an ARPA funded program for property owners or tenants seeking to renovate or restore ground-floor commercial building exterior facades.  This grant application window is now closed.
Facilities Rehabilitation Grant - CLOSED
  • The Facilities Renovation and Rehabilitation Grant is an ARPA funded program that is open to registered 501(c)3 non-profit agencies that provide services to victims of trafficking and domestic violence, and those experiencing homelessness. Funding is being provided to assist recipients with the costs associated in renovating and/or rehabilitating the existing structures agencies use to provide services.  This grant application window is now closed.
ARPA Ad-Hoc Projects & Services Grant - CLOSED
  • The Ad-Hoc Projects and Services Grant is an ARPA funded program open to area non-profits, community partners, local businesses, and residents with proposals that may otherwise fall outside traditional grant programs. This program is designed to support unique proposals for projects and/or services that could have a positive impact on the City’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. This grant application window is now closed.