City of Lowell Construction Projects

Spring_Summer 2019 Projects Map

8/21/19: Informational Construction Projects memo

6/25/19: Informational Construction Projects Memo

4/2/2019: Informational Design and Construction Projects Memo

Lowell Canal Bridges (TIGER) Project

The project will rehabilitate and replace a network of critically important bridges over several canals in Lowell, in order to eliminate weight restrictions that currently interfere with transportation circulation and access in the downtown area.  To learn more about the TIGER Bridge Project, click here.

Merrimack Street over Merrimack Canal – project complete.

Merrimack Street over Western – currently underway; TMP in place with lane shift expected to remain for 8 month, then will flip to the other side of the bridge.  Bridge completion is anticipated by October, 2019.

Pawtucket Street over Northern Canal – currently underway and closed to vehicular traffic.  Students/pedestrians can cross.  On April 25th, Father Morissette Boulevard will be closed from Aiken Street to University Ave over night from approximately 6:00 pm until 6:00 am for steel erection.  Bridge completion is anticipated by November 2020. 

Central Street over Pawtucket Canal – work to begin on Tuesday, April 2, 2019.  Initially, the TMP will be set up daily as single lane closures with barrels.  The permanent TMP setup with jersey barriers will begin mid April.  Bridge completion is anticipated by September 2021.

Pawtucket Street over Pawtucket Canal –currently underway for utility relocation.  This bridge will be closed for one lane of traffic inbound to Lowell, beginning in mid-May.  Bridge completion is anticipated by April 2022.

Other Bridge Projects

Lawrence Street Bridge – this bridge was scheduled to be completed in fall 2018, but due to the need to relocate 2 gas mains, the project was put on hold through the winter until National Grid was able to complete the design and relocations.  National Grid crews are currently working on the relocation.  The contractor anticipates remobilizing to the site on Monday, April 8, 2019.  They anticipate completing the bridge by Memorial Day.  Traffic will be limited to one-way over the bridge, again, for a period of time while the moment slab is completed.  The temporary traffic signal will be in place for that time.  There will be a 24-hour closure of the bridge to perform milling, and finish paving.  The contractor will put up Variable Message Signs and send letters to residents 2 weeks prior to the closure.

Market Street Bridge - – this bridge was scheduled to be completed in fall 2018, but the weather (both temperature and precipitation) did not allow for final pavement to be placed.  The project was put on hold through the winter.  The project will begin again as soon as the temperatures allow for placement of pavement and the contractor can re-mobilize.  Anticipated completion date is May 30, 2019.

Hamilton Canal Innovation District (HCID) North Infrastructure Project ("Streets F and G")

This project will build two new streets and install utility infrastructure in the northern section of the HCID.  The project includes major pedestrian and traffic improvements to the bridge at Dutton and Broadway, and construction of a new Signature Bridge over the Pawtucket Canal that will connect the north and south sides of the HCID.

HCID Parking Garage

This project will construct a 930 space parking garage to support public and private development in the Hamilton Canal Innovation District.

Lord Overpass

This transformative infrastructure project will remove the aging overpass bridges, connect Jackson Street to Thorndike Street, improve the intersection at Dutton/Thorndike/Fletcher/Jackson streets, and update traffic signals to effectively move travel into and out of the HCID and Downtown Lowell.  Click here for more project information.

The 100% plans, specifications and cost estimate (PSE) have been delayed due to the National Grid lockout.  National Grid is currently finishing their design for the gas and electrical infrastructure for the project corridor.  The City’s design consultant anticipates submitting 100% PSE on May 1, 2019 and the project will go on the Central Register the following week.  Construction mobilization should begin at the end of summer 2019/beginning of fall 2019.  Once a contractor has been awarded the project, a detailed schedule and the TMP phasing will be provided.  It is anticipated that most of the construction work will be completed at night and project duration is anticipated to be 36-40 months.

Thorndike Street Widening

The project will widen Thorndike Street from YMCA Drive to the Gallagher Square in order to accommodate left turn lanes at Highland Street and Gallagher Terminal, improve traffic flow and safety, and expand Thorndike Street access to the privately funded Thorndike Exchange mixed use development project.  View the latest updates here.

State Construction Projects

Lowell Justice Center

The facility under construction will house the Superior, District, Probate & Family, Juvenile and Housing Courts of Middlesex County.  A Court Service Center and office space for both the District Attorney and Registry of Deeds will also be provided.  Project website

State Transportation Projects

Under Construction:

  • Replacement of Market Street over Western Canal Bridge
  • Intersection improvements at Route 113 and Mammoth Road
  • VFW Highway Paving and Aiken Street intersection improvements

VFW and Aiken Intersection Improvements:  Proceeding on schedule.  The work will be mill and overlay rather than full depth pavement.  Project completion is anticipated by October 28, 2019.

Route 113 and Mammoth Intersection Improvements:  Proceeding on schedule.  The work will be mill and overlay rather than full depth pavement.  Project completion is anticipated by October 28, 2019.

Route 38 improvements:

  • Rogers Street and Douglas Road Intersection Improvements
  • Rogers Street and Fairmont Street Intersection improvements
  • Nesmith Street/Andover Street/East Merrimack Street Intersection Improvements and widening

Construction began in summer 2019. Work includes tree removal, utility relocation and coordination.  The anticipated construction duration is 24 months.  Route 38 plan set

Construction planned for summer 2019

Princeton Boulevard - MassDOT has additional non-federal funds that they will use this fiscal year to resurface a section of Route 3A/Princeton Boulevard.  The limits of the milling and resurfacing are from the Chelmsford city line at Wrightman Street, heading east and ending at Livingston Avenue.  The work will begin April 8, 2019 with lane closures, which will be in place during daytime and overnight hours. The work will be completed by the end of May 2019.  MassDOT is currently reviewing the City’s request to make the intersection of Princeton and Foster a 4-way stop.  They expect to make a determination within 4-6 months.

In addition to above mentioned projects, there are City-wide paving and sidewalk programs that will begin in early April and continue into the fall.  During this same duration, there is ongoing utility work by municipal and private utility companies. Traffic management considerations for these smaller projects are evaluated in conjunction with the larger projects mentioned above.

In design with programmed construction funding, FY 2019:

  • Lowell Connector over Industrial Avenue East Bridge Deck Replacement

In design with programmed construction funding, FY 2020:

  • Lowell Connector Reconfiguration between Thorndike Street and Gorham Street
  • VFW Highway Reconstruction and related work
  • Pedestrian Walkway and Bicycle Connection at Pawtucket Falls Overlook-Vandenberg Esplanade to School Street (with NPS and City of Lowell)

In preliminary design with no programmed construction funding:

  • Replacement of Rourke Bridge and Wood Street Extension over B&M Railroad and Merrimack River

Click here to be directed to the MASSDOT website for information about the projects listed above.

Private Development Construction Projects

Thorndike Exchange - 165 Thorndike Street

The former home of Thorndike Factory Outlet and Comfort Furniture, Thorndike Exchange is a private, adaptive re-use project turning old mill space into a thriving mixed-use community.