What is Climate Change?

Climate change is a shift in weather patterns and annual trends. In Lowell, we can expect hotter temperatures, more severe storms, and more flooding.

What are Climate Hazards?

Climate hazards are weather events that can affect human health, livelihoods, homes, businesses, and natural resources. In Lowell, that can include heavy rainfall and flooding, extreme temperatures, drought, fire, severe winter weather, and severe wind events.

What’s at Risk to Climate Impacts?

Climate change can impact local features in Lowell, including:

  • Our infrastructure, including public transportation and roads
  • Our society, including public services and vulnerable residents
  • And our environment, including waterbodies and our trees

How Could Climate Change Impact Me?

Climate change can lead to increased stress on the challenges we already face and how we operate in our day to day lives. That might include:

  • Increased cost of necessities like food and electric utilities
  • Increase in repair costs for damages from storms, and more expensive insurance
  • Increase in health risks from public health concerns including asthma and Lyme disease
  • The possibility of missing school or work due to an extreme event
  • Impacts on the outdoor spaces where we relax, play, and exercise