Planning Projects


The Department of Planning Development Office of Planning Projects works to advance the vision for Lowell's future expressed in the City's Master Plan. This includes the promotion of housing, employment, and commercial and social opportunities, as well as the development of a safe and efficient transportation infrastructure and the preservation of Lowell's unique community character.


This team is also involved in:
  • Grant writing to support various planning and construction projects
  • Long range planning studies
  • Review of new developments for consistency with regulations and community goals
  • Review of regulations governing land use and project development

Areas of Emphasis

We focus on the following areas:
  • Management of capital improvement projects
  • Preparation of long-range planning studies and development regulations
  • Review and regulation of new developments

Commitment to the City

Through these functions, the Office of Planning helps to carry out the long-term goals of the City's elected and appointed leaders as well as all of Lowell's citizens, while also guiding the public and private sector toward short-term actions that support this vision. Through this work, we strive to make Lowell a better place to live, work, and visit.

Planning Projects Documents