Clemente Park Master Plan Phase 1

Address: 803 Middlesex Street
Neighborhood: Lower Highlands
Project Budget: $1,697,500
Funding Source: ARPA + CDBG + CPA
Project Scope: Install a New Universally Accessible Playground with Poured-In-Place Rubber Surface

Replace 2 Existing Basketball Courts with 1 New Court Featuring Acrylic Backboards

Install 7 New, Reconfigured Volleyball Courts

Install Terraced Seating Overlooking Volleyball Courts Along Middlesex Street

Install a Community Garden

Upgrade Site Furnishings (Picnic Tables, Benches, Trash Receptacles, Bike Racks, Signage, etc.)

Landscaping and Tree Planing

Upgrade Circulation with New ADA Paths Throughout

Project Documents:

Clemente Park Master Plan Proposal

20230706_ARPA Project Illustrations_Clemente Park
Clemente Park Map_Existing Conditions