Department Directory


Lowell, MA 01852

Lowell, MA 01852



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Assessors' Department, Chief Assessor: Ellen Brideau Contact Assessors Department  978-674-4200  
Budget Department, Deputy Chief Financial Officer: Austin Ball Contact Budget Department  978-674-4400  
Career Center, Executive Director: Shannon Norton   978-458-2503  
Auditing Department, City Auditor: Kelly Oakes Contact the City Auditor  978-674-4080  
Clerk, City Clerk: Michael Geary Contact the City Clerk  978-674-4161  
Manager's Department, City Manager: Thomas A. Golden, Jr. Contact the City Manager  978-674-4400  
Mayor, City Mayor: The Honorable Daniel P. Rourke Contact the City Mayor's Office  978-674-4040  
Council on Aging, Executive Director: Kimberly Gagnon Contact the Senior Center  978-674-4131  
C.A.S.E., Director of C.A.S.E.: Peter Crew Contact C.A.S.E.  978-674-4260  
Development Services, Director: Llyod DeJesus Contact Development Services  978-674-4144  
Elections & Census, Director: Greg Pappas Contact Elections and Census  978-674-4046  
Finance Department, Chief Financial Officer: Conor Baldwin Contact the Finance Department  978-674-4400  
Fire Department, Chief: Phillip AJ Charron   978-459-5553  
Health and Human Services, Director: Lisa Golden Contact Health and Human Services  978-674-4010  
Human Relations, Director: Neil Osborne Contact Human Relations  978-674-4105  
Law Department, City Solicitor: Corey Williams   978-674-4050  
Management Information Systems, (MIS) Chief Information Officer: Mirán Fernandez Contact MIS  978-674-4099  
Parking & Garages, Director: Terry Ryan Contact the Parking Department  978-674-4014  
Planning and Development, Director & Ast. City Manager: Yovani Baez-Rose Contact Planning and Development  978-674-4252  
Police, Superintendent: Gregory C. Hudon   978-937-3200  
Pollard Memorial Library, Director: Steven Robichaud Contact the Library  978-674-4120  
Public Works, Commissioner: Paul St. Cyr Contact Public Works  978-674-4111  
Purchasing Department, Procurement Officer: P. Michael Vaughn Contact the Purchasing Department  978-674-4110  
Retirement Board, Board Administrator: Shannon Dowd Contact the Retirement Board  978-674-4094  
School Department, Superintendent: Liam Skinner   978-674-4320  
Treasurer/Collector, City Treasurer: Theodoros Panagiotopoulos Contact the Treasurer/Collector  978-674-4222  
Veterans' Services, Director: Eric Lamarche   978-674-4066  
Wastewater Utility, Executive Director: Mark Young Contact Wastewater Department  978-674-4248  
Water Utility , Executive Director: Steven Duchesne Contact the Water Department  978-674-4240