Who handles local programming how do I get involved?
The City of Lowell has two separate local access providers, focused on Public, Education, and Government (PEG) programming. Lowell Telecommunications Corporation (LTC) is the non-profit entity responsible for Comcast channels 8 (Public), 95 (Public), and 99 (Municipal) within the City. Lowell Educational Television (LET), run by the Lowell Public School District, produces Comcast channel 22 (Educational) from the Lowell High School Creegan studio.

Residents of the City of Lowell, members of Lowell-based non-profit organizations, employees of Lowell businesses, and City of Lowell employees are eligible to use LTC services. This includes free use of TV production equipment and facilities, cable TV channel time, and training in TV production, video and media literacy, and Internet access. Anyone wishing to use LTC facilities must become a member of LTC, for a small annual fee.

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10. Who handles local programming how do I get involved?