What if the order is violated?
Once a 209A order is issued, violation of the terms is a criminal offense. Violations of orders to refrain from abuse, for no contact and to vacate a household, multiple family dwelling or workplace can be prosecuted under c. 209A.

Call the Lowell Police immediately if the abuser violates the order (911).

Show the order to the police and explain the violation. For example: a punch, slap, threat, refusal to vacate the house or apartment, unauthorized contact with you either in person or telephone at your home or work place. The police must arrest the abuser if they have reasonable cause to believe or witness that the terms of the order were violated. If you do not call the police, you may be able to file criminal complaints on your own at the Clerk's Office in the district court. A Victim Witness Advocate can assist you with that process. For more information related to Domestic Violence, contact Lieutenant Mark Buckley or Officer Carlos Mercado at the Family Services Unit via 978-970-4023.

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