What crimes can an abuser be charged with?
In addition to the crime of Violation of a 209A Restraining Order, an abuser can be charged with a number of other crimes committed at or near the time of the violation, some of which may include:
- Assault (G.L. c.265, s.13A) in an attempt or offer to do bodily injury by force or violence or an attempt to batter.
- Assault and Battery (G.L. c265, s.13A) is a harmful or un-permitted touching of another, no matter how slight, without a legal right to do so.
- Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapons (G.L. c265, s.15) is a battery with an dangerous weapon, such as a baseball bat, shod foot, ashtray, knife or other object used in a way that may cause serious injury or death to another.
- Threats (G.L. c27, s.4) are verbal or written threats which a victim reasonably believes the abuser may commit.
- Annoying Telephone Calls (G.L. c.269 2.14A) are repeated telephone calls for the sole purpose of harassing or annoying an individual or a family.
- Trespassing (G.L. c.266, s.120) is entering or remaining in or on a house or land in violation of a 209A order.
- Malicious Destruction of Personal Property (G.L. c.266, s.127) is the destruction or injury to personal property, a house or building in a manner that is willful and malicious.
- Stalking (G.L. c.265, s43A) is the willful, malicious and repeated following or harassment of an individual and the making of threats with the intent to place that person in imminent fear of death or serious bodily injury. The penalties are increased for a conviction on a stalking crime committed in violation of a 209A order.

For more information related to Domestic Violence, contact Lieutenant Mark Buckley or Officer Carlos Mercado at the Family Services Unit via 978-970-4023.

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