Neil Osborne, Esq.

Executive management team
Title: Director of Human Relations
Phone: 978-674-4105

The Human Relations Department is charged with developing and administering fair and equitable human resources policies for the City and its employees, including the Career Center. The department is responsible for assisting all City departments with the recruitment and selection of new employees, while ensuring compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws that govern this process. It develops and distributes policies regarding a number of different employment issues, including the City's Sexual Harassment Policy.

The department also maintains compensation systems for all positions within the City; provides training to employees on important employment issues; assists in the negotiation and administration of labor contracts; administers pre-employment physicals and CORI checks; and performs any other functions assigned by the City Manager. Additionally, Human Relations is responsible for evaluating and implementing all employee benefits programs; administering group health and life insurance; ensuring compliance with state and federal mandates on health insurance, and monitoring unemployment compensation for all City and School employees.


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