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Agenda Center

  1. All
  2. Board of Assessors
  3. Board of Health
  4. Board of Parks
  5. Cemetery Commission
  6. City Council
  7. City Council Ad Hoc Charter Review - Voting District Representation
  8. City Council AD-HOC Election Laws Subcommittee
  9. City Council Arts and Culture Sub Committee
  10. City Council Auditor Clerk Oversight Sub Committee
  11. City Council Cannabis Control Subcommittee
  12. City Council Downtown Redevelopment Sub Committee
  13. City Council Economic Development Sub Committee
  14. City Council Education Partnerships Sub Committee
  15. City Council Environment & Flood Issues Sub Committee
  16. City Council Finance Sub Committee
  17. City Council Flood Issues Sub Committee
  18. City Council Housing Sub Committee
  19. City Council Joint Neighborhoods/Flood Issues Subcommittee
  20. City Council Municipal Facilities Sub Committee
  21. City Council Neighborhoods Sub Committee
  22. City Council Parks and Recreation Sub Committee
  23. City Council Personnel Sub Committee
  24. City Council Public Safety Sub Committee
  25. City Council Rules Sub Committee
  26. City Council Senior Citizens Sub Committee
  27. City Council Substance Abuse Sub Committee
  28. City Council Technologies and Utilities Sub Committee
  29. City Council Transportation Sub Committee
  1. City Council Youth Services Sub Committee
  2. City Council Zoning Sub Committee
  3. Conservation Commission
  4. Council on Aging Board
  5. Cultural Council
  6. Historic Board
  7. Hunger/Homeless Commission
  8. License Commission
  9. Planning Board
  10. Pollard Memorial Library Board of Trustees
  11. Retirement Board
  12. School Building Committee
  13. School Committee
  14. School Committee Athletics Subcommittee
  15. School Committee Bargaining Subcommittee
  16. School Committee Community Partnerships Subcommittee
  17. School Committee Curriculum Subcommittee
  18. School Committee Facilities Ad-Hoc Building Naming – School Building Programs – Transportation SC
  19. School Committee Finance Subcommittee
  20. School Committee Lowell High School Subcommittee
  21. School Committee Personnel Subcommittee
  22. School Committee Policy Subcommittee
  23. School Committee Special Education Subcommittee
  24. School Committee Student Support Services Subcommittee
  25. School Committee Technology Subcommittee
  26. Solid Waste Advisory Committee
  27. Veteran's Commission
  28. Zoning Board of Appeals