Go Solar

The City of Lowell encourages individuals, businesses, and institutions to install solar energy systems. Renewable energy, coupled with efforts to make our buildings more energy efficient, can save money and make our community more resilient to energy price spikes.

The City has pulled together information from many sources to help you learn about solar energy, decide if it’s right for you, and then move through the permitting and installation process. If there are pieces we’ve left out, please contact our Energy Manager, Katherine Moses at kmoses@lowellma.gov

Here’s what you will find:

Part 1: Residential and Commercial Solar Fundamentals

  1. Solar Basics
  2. The Solar Transaction
  3. Free Web Tools Will Generate a Rough Estimate
  4. Getting Bids, Selecting an Installer
  5. Consumer Protections
  6. The Contract
  7. Uncertainty and the Price of Electricity

Part 2: Installing Solar Systems in Lowell: Zoning and Permits

  1. Lowell’s zoning allows solar everywhere
  2. Solar systems require an electrical permit (checklist)
  3. Solar systems must be inspected and approved (checklist)
  4. National Grid needs to make the final connection
  5. Permitting and Inspections Checklist