Lowell Fire Community Education Division

 The Fire Department Community Education Office is located at 500 Rogers Street.  Phone: (978)674-1244 Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday from 7am - 5pm. Email: lfdcomm.ed@lowellma.gov 

 All members of the Lowell Fire Department are responsible for Community Education. The Community Education Director is responsible for organizing this very important duty. This office schedules all presentations and performs them with the assistance of our trained and qualified firefighters. We educate the public, from our youth all the way through to our senior population. This education includes fire prevention, fire safety, the C.O.P.E Program and Child Passenger Safety. These programs serve as a crucial component when considering the safety and well-being of our community. Fire safety is demonstrated on a daily basis in our public and private schools with the S.A.F.E. (Student Awareness of Fire Education) curriculum, as well as our Office Safety Program that is offered to all Lowell businesses. We also advocate fire safety through firehouse tours, special Lowell Fire events and many other community involved presentations. The Lowell Fire Department works closely with numerous organizations and city departments to further solidify our mission on improving the quality of life in the City of Lowell. We accomplish this by providing fire protection, emergency response services, fire prevention and community educational activities. Our goal is to protect all citizens, their property and the environment from natural and manmade disasters. Our motto is “Promoting Safety, Preventing Fires and Saving Lives”. We strive to accomplish this in a courteous and professional manner.

The C.O.P.E. (Community Opioid Prevention & Education) Program is dedicated to providing information to better educate our community on the risks of drug abuse. Our community experiences opioid related hazards every day. It is extremely important that we are aware of and educated on these issues. We collaborate with other city departments to ensure we combat this danger in a unified front and continue to provide resources for our city.