Popular Breeds & Their Functions

Many different breeds of K-9 feats are used in Law Enforcement activities to fully utilize their natural instincts and abilities. In addition, advanced K-9 Training in specific fields allows Law Enforcement to better serve and protect the public! The popular breeds and their functions are listed:
  • Argentine Dogo (protect the officer, attack dog, sniff out bombs, sniff out drugs, sniff out food)
  • Beagle (sniff out bombs, drugs and food)
  • Belgian Malinois (protect the officer, attack dog, locating IEDs, locating evidence, locating drugs, prisoner transport, human tracking)
  • Bernese Mountain Dog (finds missing people)
  • Bloodhound (odor-specific ID, trackings, sniff out bombs, sniff out drugs, locating evidence)
  • Boxer (protect the officer, attack dog)
  • Doberman Pinscher (protect officer, attack dog)
  • Dutch Shepherd (protect the officer, attack dog)
  • German Shepherd (protect the officer, attack dog, ground based tracking and air based tracking, locating human remains, locating drugs, locating IEDs, locating evidence)
  • Giant Schnauzer (protect officer, attack dog)
  • Labrador Retriever (sniff out bombs and drugs)
  • Rottweiler (protect the officer, attack dog)
  • Springer Spaniel (sniff out bombs, sniff out drugs)