Duplicate Bill Requests

All bill mailings are sent only once to the address provided (not including demand or warrant notices). In the event a duplicate bill is needed for any reason, it may be provided by written request.

An excise tax or water / utility bill may be duplicated upon request of the registered owner or homeowner. Said requests may be either mailed into the Treasurer / Collector's office or hand-delivered, accompanied by a $1 fee per bill. Please note that all excise taxes and water bills will be mailed to the address on file with no exceptions.

All real estate and personal property taxes bills with current balances (excluding tax liens) may be located on this website in the View or Pay My Bill section.

The average turnaround time for requests is five business days from the date the Treasurer's Office receives the request. However, periods of heavy volume could delay processing for up to, but not exceeding, ten business days.