Tax Title Process

What is a Tax Title?

Massachusetts law governs tax title procedures for cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth. A tax title is a lien placed on property to enforce the collection of property taxes, and is removed when the property tax account is paid in full.

If the property taxes are not paid, the City may file at Massachusetts Land Court to foreclose and take possession of the property.

What if I Have a Tax Title?

The City of Lowell offers payment agreements for customers who are in tax title. To enter into an agreement, the City of Lowell requires a down payment of 25% of the total outstanding balance plus the payment of all current real estate taxes and water/sewer bills.

Furthermore, the entire balance must be paid within ten months of entering into said agreement. Residents must stay current on all taxes and water/sewer billing throughout the duration of the payment agreement.

Please contact the tax title office directly at 978-674-4231 for assistance with tax title payment options, payoff balances, the status of Massachusetts Land Court cases, or Tax Title listings and redemption certificates.