Street Sweeping


For the purpose of implementing a street sweeping program for the City of Lowell, the City is divided into eight sections and utilizes an alternating odd and even street side system.

Beginning in the month of April the Department of Public Works will commence street sweeping operations starting with main streets, arteries and secondary streets, weather permitting.

Lowell Schools will be addressed during the April vacation and the week prior to school opening in the fall.

Several days per month have been built into the above schedule to account for inclement weather, equipment breakdown, vacation periods and unscheduled responses needs.

Yearly Schedule Details

  • After an initial spring sweeping in each neighborhood (three days), the Department of Public Works sweepers will work in two day periods to facilitate daily maintenance.
  • During the month of July, street sweeping operations will be conducted on an as-needed basis throughout the City. This will allow the equipment to be more adequately serviced, accounts for heavy vacation period and provides for adequate July Fourth and Folk Festival preparations.
  • Beginning in the month of October, three day blocks will be scheduled. This activity is performed in order to collect leaves. All sweeping operations are scheduled to end by November 15, 2020.


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