Public Works

The Department of Public Works (DPW) has broad responsibilities in the City including:

  • Assuring proper collection and disposal of residential solid waste and recycling
  • Collection, treatment and disposal of sewerage and storm water
  • Delivering safe, potable drinking water
  • Maintenance and repair of City owned streets and sidewalks
  • Maintenance and repair of public buildings, including public schools
  • Maintenance and repair of streetlights and traffic signals
  • Maintenance of city parks, playgrounds, and public shade trees
  • Operation and maintenance of city owned cemeteries

The department is comprised of 7 divisions. In addition to the 5 internal DPW divisions, the Water and Wastewater departments report to the DPW commissioner, even though the accounting is done through a separate enterprise system. Each division is staffed by administrators, equipment operators, laborers and specialists such as plumbers, electricians and carpenters. Many of the divisions, such as the utilities, work around the clock. Even those that do not are on call in case of emergency.

Administration & Finance Division

The division manages customer service, capital project cash flows, personnel, payroll, accounts payable and receivables, trash accounts, snow and ice contracts, city property damage claims, insurance on city owned buildings, dumpster, street opening and trench permits, e-Gov requests and various other administrative and financial activities related to the department including tracking Chapter 90 Highway Funds, preparing responses to City Council/City Manager requests and reports for other city departments and outside entities.

Engineering Division

This division is responsible for civil engineering and design support, including construction management and administration services for all paving projects. The division is comprised of engineers working on projects for streets and sidewalks, pavement management, private street conversion, bridge maintenance, repair and construction, flood control, permitting, and other public works issues.

Land & Buildings Division

This division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of over 2.7 million square feet city owned buildings, including public schools. In addition to work completed by in house employees, this division is also responsible for oversight of contractors performing construction and/or repairs to city buildings. Custodial responsibilities include City Hall, the JFK Civic Center and the Pollard Memorial Library.

Streets Division

This division is responsible for street and sidewalk maintenance, pothole repair, central garage activities, miscellaneous litter pick-up, winter snow plowing and salting operations, miscellaneous street sweeping, maintenance of city owned shade trees and oversight of the solid waste and recycling program/contract.

Parks & Cemeteries Division

Parks is responsible for maintenance and management of over 500 acres of the City's 92 parks and playgrounds, 59 road islands and squares as well as many miles of grass median strips and the litter control in the downtown area. This division is also responsible for managing the City's tree planting program. Cemeteries provides for public and private interments, lot sales, marker and monument installation and proper maintenance of 6 City owned cemeteries encompassing over 110 acres.